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‘In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. By Time, indeed humanity is in a state of loss. Except those who believe and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of truth and in the mutual teaching of patience’ (Surah al-`Asr, 103:1-3)
"Professional Architect lives almost by faith. When called upon he can do the job without fear or favour. He possesses aspecialized skill and lives by a code of ethics cloaked in honour andintegrity. He is expected to speak his mind and give his views. Whenfaced with absolute wrong, he can resolutely disagree and walk away." quote from THE PROFESSIONAL MAN by Ar Dr Tan Loke Mun PRESIDENT PAM

Saturday, 31 March 2007

Allumi MRSM Jasin 1996- Buletin proposal

AMJA (alumni MRSM Jasin batch 1996) is the main platform for me to learn on how to handle activities for charity purposes. Though currently I’m far away from my homeland but by having such activities, awareness about what’s happening around our circle of friends can be created.
The idea that I’m about to reveal in this post had long been thought of even before I publish my personal blog. This personal blog of mine will be the testing field for me to drive the newly acquired skill of blogging before I begin hosting the AMJABulletin in future. Maybe…The design is based on the previous logo submission and this activity gave me the opportunity to explore it in 3dimensional form. I’m also using this as a reference to start my very own version of tutorial on using After Effect - a video editing software.
This is some of the many exercises that will help me pursue my interest in art & graphic. I believe this exercise acts as a therapy or an escapade from the daily life of architecture.
Explore all the creative possibilities by subjects which give you total freedom
Wed, 28 Feb 2007 22:45:05 +0000 (GMT)
kita dulu penah ada buletin amja kan? dah tak buat dahkan? apa kata kita perkenalkan balik tapi dlm bentuke-buletin? apa pandangan encik dobby?Aku boleh mewakilkan company aku untuk keje2men'design' dan keje2 menyunting isi. Cuma perlu carikekawan kita utuk menyediakan isi. sekurangnya adabeberapa penulis/penyumbang isi tetap. lepas tu yglain terbuka utk sesiapa. amacam? maybe takreleven..just aku boring2. REPLY:
buat permulaan nie, mungkin contents nya tak berapa> compact..sebab t > bnyak akxtiviti,,,> bila dah ada aktiviti, insya Allah menarik ler jadik> nya,,,,> > Utk penulis/ penyumbang isi2 tetap,,insya Allah> ada,,,,> nanti aku try tanya2 kan kat kengkawan kita....> > Hope kita bleh buat something,,,,,,,,,,,,,> Thanks

Wed, 14 Mar 2007 23:32:27 +0000 (GMT)
salam,aku tetiba minggu nie busy gila babeng..aku paham situasi ko..kita pun buat benda nie sukarela jer..walaubagaimanapun..aku harap kita dpt wujudkan satuFORMAT..atau budaya, SISTEM anytime kalau adaorg ada masa dia boleh continue..kita punya plan nak register pun delay-ntah mana pegibebudak nie...tgk kita punya sistem pun kurangsistem..hehe. contohnya set tarikh2 penting dlmsetahun..tarikh AGM ker..tarikh aktiviti tetap.anyway maybe ngan membuat buletin nie..satu cara nakcreate regular part of dokumentation andpromotion.(future need for sponsership).this just idea..aku rasa bukan saja nak register ygjadi masalah..nanti nak maintain a registeredassociation tu tak kurang mustahak.ini cadangan jer.aku attach proposal giler aku utkkekawan crit...cadangan membina jer aku terima..kutuktakyah la beb.hehe
Thu, 15 Mar 2007 21:21:21 +0000 (GMT)
pasal buletin tu...aku letak amja2 (amja kuasa dua)sebab singkatan kepada A Monthly Journal of AMJA.Cadangan jer la..apa2 pun yg pentingcontentnya...start dengan benda2 yg tak membebankanla..kekadang tgk ader ahli yg memang ader blog/ boleh contribute ker..
aha pasal buletin tu rasa buat mcm blog lg baik....> kene ada moderator jek kut...> save n byk bebenda yg ble isi...
sorry lambat reply....sibuk sikit lately.... mm.. congrates paklan sbb w'pun jauh beribu2 batu, tp semangat tetap berkobar2... tak terbeku dek salji kat sana tu...hahaha... cadangan utk buletin tu mmg bagus cuma mcm sape ckp tah (ekhwan kot) susah nak maintain... kalau blog lagi senang, n mesti ada penulis tetap..kalau tak nanti pun timbul masalah yg sama... paling tak pun, every two weeks mesti ada cerita-cerita baru....

Wed, 21 Mar 2007 05:45:58 +0000 (GMT)
POST: pun ok gak kot...atau pun lebih baik updatewebsite yg en.karburn yg buat dulu?...cuba story sikitapa masalah ngan website dulu?...aku rasa nak decidecontent jer dulu...tanya2 siapa yg sudi jd "penulistetap"(esp sapa2 yg memang dah aderfotopages/blog)...yg penting content ja aku rasa...then kita just organize the content...kalau nak harapgeneral contribution..aku rasa jd nasib sama nganmana2 website-termasuklah ansara sendiri. Dr sini kita boleh generate income utk amjajugakkan(based on hits ang googleadvert)...en.karburn?pakar it kita...sure lebihexpert.
bgs idea blog nie. Leh kongsi2 maklumat dgn kwn2. Cthnya psl tip2 redecorate umah ker, beli umah ker, kesihatan ker (especially yg br dpt anak or tgh tggu kuar anak tuh), tips2 komputer dll. Bleh gak letak info psl biz msg2, yg nk iklankan wedding planning biz ker, or top-up ker, ink ker dll...or psl job vacancy ker, utk mber2 kita yg plan nk tukau keje..hehehe...rsnya leh gak letak info psl iklan biasiswa, mana tau kot2 ade yg berminat nk smbung belajar...kekeke....anyway, idea buat blog tu mmg kelas... 5 bintang!free plak tu, muahahhaha!


Friday, 30 March 2007


the actual render
after touch-up

actual render
final editing

The project was initiated sometimes November last year. Since then, it has gone through several changes until last Wednesday when it finally the approval to the next stage was granted from the council. This is just a piece of the works that I’ve done ever since I join the practice. Its design was made by one of the senior architects, David Byrne. At the age of 65, he still possesses that "killer touch" to create retro design works blended with some current trend element.
My scope of work for this job was to assist him with visualization and design. While working with him on this job made me realised and learned that we could enjoy making a simple box to be interesting and complex. (just my own opinion)
  1. Divided box into 'wings'

  2. The visible facade (can be seen by public) of each wings is not a similar design but a variations

  3. However the invisible facade could be just a mirror treatment.

  4. Make different angle for the entrance to give contrast from square shape.

  5. More solid surface on the lower level, transparent on the upper level - solid, semi transparent and transparent

  6. Staircase as a feature for the box

  7. Make full used of volume as part of entrance features.
I will soon update this post with its DESIGN STATEMENT that needs to be included in the submission. .

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Architecture Humor

Up till today, this blog of mine is still in the testing mode. It takes a lot of hardwork to ensure that my blog is up running the way I want it. I’d to spend most of my time in ensuring this but I don’t want to think of it as a burden. I kept reminding myself the purpose of creating this blog.
Anyone could easily fall for the idea of having a blog just for the sake of impressing others or what is better known among the IT people as “diverting users to the site”.

Today, I should be posting my relevant work at the office. I guess I'm still trying to explore all these new development in current IT world. I just manage to update the Architect news by using The Really Simple Syndication (RSS). I guess it’s not really simple if we don’t regularly update ourselves with the latest advancement in technology. While surfing for the relevant contents that I would FILTER for my needs in experiencing architecture, I found quite an interesting subject which I think needs to be highlighted in architecture life...HUMOR. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the comic:

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

paklan's junior experimental DESIGN

As usual after picking up my son, Azhan at school I’d bring him to the office. He’d stay in the office till I finished work at 5.30 p.m. During this time, he would spent time playing games on the Internet or making his own sketch of Godzilla and etc. As for today he continued his 3D lesson (only if he wanted to). He had been using the software for a few times, and as usual the formation mess around with all the polygons and models. But surprisingly today, he showed me his 3d model that actually has some “architectural touch”. His random forms inspired me. Even though there may be no logical explanation in terms of architectural space but according to my junior it was a “GREEN SHOP”...he said it might be ASDA in England or the GIANT in Malaysia. So I’d like to post this entry as an experimental design exploration, which I believe FRESH and GREEN. I make some graphic out of his model and simple animation for us to share. Explore.

Tuesday, 27 March 2007


Long before I graduated, I’ve been working day and nite to make sure that there is enough bread and butter for the family. The long hard work had held me back from advancing my architectural career to the 3rd stage of architectural learning. For many years, I had to fully utillise my full potential in my expertise and passion...DESIGN.

I was browsing through LAM website today to get to know the practical experience log sheet sample as a reference for my blog and as a comparison with the RIBA part 3. Reading thru it made me realised that all these while, the work that I did was only focussing on the Design Stage. Never was I given the chance nor permitted to cross the border of design stage to experience on the contract and implementation phase. I guess may be I should put the blame on the architects in practice who did not prepare or provide me with the platform to widen my knowledge to the next stage; instead they took full advantage of my design talent for their own benefit. Why wouldn’t firms allow the young, fresh architects to experience the appropriate requirement that covers the full scope of basic architectural services? I guess I should also blame myself for not urging them to give that opportunity, I was very comfortable working in the small bit of architecture that I’m so passionate doing and very good at; designing. To make things worse, I didn’t even have time to even think about it.

Allhamdulillah, it’s never too late to get back on track. I know this may sound embarrassing for others (being in architectural field but did nothing more than just designing for the past four years) but it is more embarrassing to pretend like you know everything. Frankly, I think there is no need to rush to be a registered architect, because the most important part is not just to PASS the test, but TO BE KNOWLEDGEABLY COMPETENT.

Practical Log Book 1999

This update is posted to cover works that I had done during my first industrial training year back in 1999. The firm is called Saifuddin & Ong Architect (or better known as SNO Architect). In this year, I was introduced to the use of computer technology as the mean of creating architectural design work. It was one of the TRANSITIONAL periods in my architectural journey.

I decided to join the firm after being introduced to Mr. Obliza. Back then, he was working at SNO as the Design Director and was invited as the design critique guest at our studio 05 during our final critique session. Along the way, there were a lot of new things that I learned and discovered. The experience I gained was more than just architectural practical exercise.. there were stories to learn from the dilemma of choosing career (a Chinese friend was thinking of quitting architecture to manage his family business), office politics (causing a lot of staff to resign), friendship (how do we define friends in architecture?- help others with their presentations), night life (due to the location of the office which was in the middle of Jalan Telawi Dua, Bangsar - hottest night out during that time) and many more that I can vividly recall. Hopefully these memories will remain intact in this limitless memory of my mind.

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Why do i start Blogging?

There are reasons in life...even though they could not be explained; at least they have underlying reasons behind them. The biggest answer would be 'takdir'; only God know better. Of course these are some of the many reasons why I started my blog.

1. A book to remember - the path in architecture is parallel with our life. If not, it would just be a daily working routine and not a career to love and be passionate about. By remembering the path in architecture I can also remember and recall the journey of life that walk along it. I’m sure many of us could easily remember the first sketch that we did

2. Self Advertise - For me a not-so-talkative person like me, the best way to tell others about myself is by writing and featuring my architectural work in this blog of mine and let others do their own judgment... pictures speak a thousand words.

3. My CV - people don’t know their future for sure. Even I never thought that I would be working in UK. And I’m quite definite that staying in UK also won’t be for eternal. Unthinkable things that do not permit us to stay there for long may happen along our stay. So it’s better to be prepared -“sediakan payung sebelum hujan". This blog will be a life long CV. There’s no need for last minute preparation whenever there’s an interview scheduled.

4. Knowledge - I believe architecture is a long life-learning process (in fact, any other field is a life-long journey). We need to be motivated to learn from day to day a new knowledge. It is not simply because we need to do that to fulfil the client needs instead we need it to equip ourselves as a MASTERBUILDER.

5. Digital Logbook - This part will be my personal of work being done on a daily basis. We all need to have this formally documented. I just realise that I should have done it right after graduation but it’s never too late to start now (after four years of working in this field). I'm not ready to take part 3 yet, but who knows when the right time comes, I already have my Logbook running online.

6. Mind Mapping – the longer time we spend working, the wider range of knowledge we need to learn (some people said architects need to learn all knowledge but master a few) it will be harder to remember things easily. Especially since my mind is not a mapped brain like the doctors who could remember things just by reading once. Therefore it will be a learning platform not just for me to learn but for others to share.

7. Improving English - I've never appreciated the needs of having a good proficiency at English until I joined architecture in KMB (Kolej MARA Banting). As a kampong (village) boy I had a rough time struggling with the English medium classes. My life started to change when I finally met my beloved wife who taught me how to express one's feeling using English. Until now she is my personal editor and mentor in English. During the school days, when we were forced to write a daily journal in English by our teachers, I found it tiring and boring and I never really enjoyed doing it, but now I’m writing on my own willingness!

"The main idea behind a blog is not just to keep it to yourself but to share with others the beauty of life."