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Wednesday, 29 November 2006

SERI BUMI - Seven Tiers of the Sky, Seven Tiers of the Earth

This was a design competition entry back in 1998

The design concept of the design is Supremacy. It means the extreme highest and extreme deepest and the theme is Seri Bumi, Seven Tiers of the Earth, Seven Tiers of the Sky.

It is not just a power station but it is a multifunction monument. It has recreational park for tourists and also public spaces for people such as hall, gallery, offices and etc. It also functions as a centre of the hi-tech future power station and it symbolizes the growth and development of Malaysia in the future.

The design issues concentrates on the environmentally conscious design as it protects the environment by maintaining its natural condition. Falling of flowing water has been used to perform work for thousands of years. The generation of electricity from falling water expanded with the need for larger hydroelectric plants because the energy does not need to be used on the site. In the future, the knowledge and understanding of all hydropower facilities components can assure tht hydropower can be economically optimized, properly integrated and be a properly functioning facility that is built and maintained.

It is obvious that hydropower development is a renewable energy source and that its renew ability is a significant advantage. When hydropower development occurs at existing damp sites, the environmental impact is minimal or non existence. A hydroelectric impact is minimal or non-existence. A hydroelectric project in Malaysia is also a very good investment if it is used to bring future income and to provide power that humans will need in the future.

The design of the power station shows that Malaysia has achieved the highest part of economic sustainability. The design also shows the movement of Malaysia from the past to the future. In the design, we convey the characteristic of a national identity.
We mean to address the importance of our nationality and to show how proud we are to be Malaysians.
Fourteen petals that overlap each other show the fourteen states of Malaysia working together to develop the country. The Seven Tiers of the Earth show where Malaysia has been through. It also symbolizes the starting point of Malaysia towards better future. The Seven Tiers of the Sky show where we are going and the highest part we can go. The hollow part symbolizes the past and the laser symbolizes the future. The water that falls through the deepest part shows the fear to fall down. Once we fall we can’t fall again. Let bygones be bygones. Malaysia has to move towards the future.

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