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Tuesday, 29 January 2008


The firm that I working with has been doing a number of development in Bury since its establishment nearly 4 decades ago. From office building to retail development and even churches. Up until now it still plays a signification role in this small town. I am lucky to be on board and witness another development coming up just around the corner of the town where we live and buy our groceries. It would be interesting to see the place changes over the time for us to experience a new adventure but yet there are remaining pieces of the town that are kept untouched to remind us of the past memories.
The development site is located within an area which consists of a mixture of Retail and Industrial buildings,but immediately adjacent to an ASDA food store.

To the immediate NW facing Foundry Street the frontages are predominantly Retail buildings and associated car parking to the opposite side of the roadway. These buildings have been constructed in relatively recent times ,but in a completely random arrangement and are in mixed ownerships.They display the various phases of styling used in general Retail buildings varying from the adjacent relatively recent Matalan Store to the NE which at low level is faced with brickwork with metal cladding at upper level over, to the ASDA Food store immediately to the NW ,which has developed from an Industrial /manufacturing use ,and also across George Street where low level brick & flat metal cladding panels predominate.

To the North & East along Foundry Street and Lord Street are a mix of Industrial buildings of varying age ,style,materials and condition.This includes the Senior Hargreaves (vendor ) sister site at the junction of Lord Street/Cook Street which is currently being improved & extended as a result of the Proposed Development.All are located immediately at the back of footpath reinforcing the general Industrial nature of the area.

The site comprises multiple Industrial buildings previously extended but separated by Back Foundry Street which has previously been stopped-up to traffic.

Delivery vehicle access to the buildings from Foundry Street & Lord Street is directly at the site perimeter which restricts vehicle movement ,visibility & safety.

The above factors have been important in determining the layout for the proposed development and in ensuring that the building can relate to the surrounding premises ,with a clear definition of the public vehicle or pedestrian access or servicing requirements to each, can relate to the Existing ‘Angouleme Retail Park’ and form a new closure of that ‘square’.

The building has been set centrally within the site with the main facade and customer entrances facing the bulk of the adjacent’ Angouleme Retail Park’,including glazing elements which return on the South cross Street Elevation enhancing the Street scene and maintaining visual interest.The building has a low pitched metal clad roof, which is concealed by the wall parapet. The walls are fully clad at upper levels with flat/microrib metal faced panels generally in an silver colour but with a horizontal grey contrasting panel set above the height of entrance doors and ground floor glazing.A substantive number of two storey glazed panels are included to the main elevations where the contrasting panel is developed as a secondary location for product signage. Th store entrances are each set within a projecting frame, which contains main entrance doors and glazed screens with the tenant’s signage panel above. A projecting glazed canopy separate the two elements.

The surrounding properties have a mixture of traditional and modern styling and construction ,with many varying materials and forms.The Proposed Elevations have been designed to reflect current building practices and provide a modern well defined Retail presence with clearly separate Customer and Servicing aspects ,which will enhance the local built environment.

The proposed development will provide a building which in design terms will clearly show a modern approach relating to their respective Retail neighbours. Existing tired and ultimately redundant buildings fronting Foundry Street and Lord Street will be replaced with a building which is relevant to, and will enhance, the location in terms of usage and design, and will complete the Retail presence in the area.

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