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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Le Corbusier - The Art of Architecture

"How's the exhibition?" asked my chairman as we walk out from the exhibition hall.

"It is totally inspirational. It shows the artistic side of Le Corbusier which I rarely see. I really love the fact that he also did a lot of paintings himself because I've started to do more painting recently. And I love it!" I replied.

"What kind of painting do you do? Is it landscape, abstract or human figure?

"Well I got the theme of dream places or home. Places we dream to be staying in. I'm about to finish a coral home with a couple snorkeling with all kind of beautiful fish surrounding them. The place is just outside their home in the coral beach. I've been thinking of working on a 3-series of painting once the coral home is done". I continued explaining to him as we walked towards the nearest cafe.
Le Corbusier - Art of Architecture, presented by Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Trust in the Crypt of Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral, as part of the city's European Capital of Culture 2008 celebrations.

I've been given the opportunity to visit the exhibition, thanks to the Chairman and Directors of RGP who organized our trip to Liverpool on the 9th January 2009.
Here is exerpt of phamplet on the exhibition:-
Earlier that day before we got in the exhibition area (the Crypt) we had the opportunity to see the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral which actually sit on top of the exhibition spaces. The Cathedral is a modern design; different from the typical gothic architecture. The transformation of the design from traditional gothic to modern architecture without losing their faith's identity makes me wonder about Islamic contemporary design Mosque around the world. How do we do it?

The Le Corbusier -The Art of Architecture Exhibition area is really an epic design. The whole space volume is made of different kind of bricks arrangement. The 1933 workmanship and skills represented in the Crypt contruction is amazing.

Although I might be able to look up for some of the exhibits on the internet but it would never leave the same feelings to see the actual artwork with your bare eyes. Looking at the real things had given me more sense of scale. The scale somehow plays a role in transmitting the impact of the artwork to my imagination. The actual big canvas, the scale model, the tiny sketches, the floating sculpture and the real chair would not seem as inspirational as looking at images of them on the web.

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gregjoens said...

Dear Sir:

A word of encouragement for you and your boys today. Thank you for displaying such beautiful works of art. Love and Light... Peace.

Your Friend,

Greg Joens