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Sunday, 13 September 2009


What if 3d software never existed? Can we still deliver a photo-realistic images or even a decent illustration anymore? Are we still able to manually draw a proper 2 way perspective?

I've been asked to deliver two illustrations for Restaurant & Deli proposal. Although the proposal mainly involve interior work, RGP also suggested that the client need to restore the original feature outlook of the listed building. Thus only a few minor design is introduced to reduce the impact to surrounding building.

However, due to budget/time constraint I was asked to deliver the illustration without using 3d software to superimpose the existing photo. To be honest I would straight away use the 3d software but my superior believe (the fact that it's only minor design) it can be done more quickly without 3d modelling. My solution is to use photo images from the Internet and produce the illustration by using Photoshop and completing it within a day! I took the challenge and crack my head off to finish it on time.

Images from Internet

It doesn't look too bad once it's done. "It's magic !" says my director. What I learnt from this simple exercise is the importance of my artistic skills such as scales, proportion, composition, perspectives angles, etc. Many of us have long forgotten these skills as we depend more on 3d software. No doubt software is important but so is our drawings skills. Nowadays, can we still draw a proper drawing "live" or inpromto in front of clients? A proper and understandable drawing, not those scribble sketches that only us could understand. I'm sure most of us architects get this response from non-architectural people when they learn of our profession, "You must be good at drawings?". I wonder are we really good at it?

Existing Front photo

Proposed Front

Existing Rear photo

Proposed Rear RGP have an innovative approach to architectural design.


munadhia said...

salam ziarah encik fadzlan.
sekadar ingin memgucapkan selamat mnyambut eidul fitri buat enck fadzlan dan keluarga. lama jgk x drop by here. keampunan dipinta d hari mulia ni utk sebarang slh silap diri ini.

sampai sini. salam eid. =)


Salam Eid,
Insyallah, samalah saya juga..kalau ada yang ditulis melukakan perasaan sesiapa.