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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

BRIEF REVIEW 2009- a letter from chairman

22 December 2009

Dear Fadzlan,

Approaching the end of 2009 it is appropriate to reflect on what has been a most difficult trading year. I believe that the problems that have contributed to this are well known to everyone.

I wish that we could draw a line under 2009 with the message that things are looking better but unfortunately the need for the micro management of finances will continue in to 2010. There are some signs of increased activity amongst our clients but this has to be translated into real projects and even then it will be sometime before each delivers a fee.

We have survived to date as a result of many painful decisions which have meant the loss of many valued staff.

We have also survived because of the sacrifices made by everyone and I want to recognize this and to thank you most sincerely for the cooperation and commitment made by all.

I am by nature an optimist and I do believe there is a bright future for the company. People ask me "can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?" My response has been that I am still looking for the …………..tunnel! I do hope that I can shortly announce that we know where it is.

I can assure you that one of our top priorities, as soon as possible and as the economic position improves, is to return salaries to the level they attained prior to the cutbacks.

May I thank you for your support and constant efforts and wish you and your families a happy and blessed Christmas and successful 2010.

Best wishes,


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