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Monday, 21 July 2008

WORKINGTON - unit A1,A2,A3

These are a series of visuals produced for the Planning submission. I've done some of the CAD drawing as well. It is just a basic re-refurbishment work. Therefore in its first proposal I simply made a quick sketch illustration for the client. The sketch illustration was surprisingly good enough for the client and could be used immediately for the planning.

However during that period of time using my first model, I have discovered the better and faster way to match photo and create layers in photoshop that could do the "magic". Although it was not required I just went ahead and do it. They thought it would take ages to produce such illustration but it was just a matter of willingness.

I still remember those times when a colleague of mine stayed back in the office just to wait for the render process to finish. Some of them sometimes hang out at the "mamak" stall and then went back to the office or even fell asleep while they were at the office. But now I can monitor the office PC rendering process using my laptop at home and I could be with family and sleep on proper bed instead of the uncomfortable office chair.

In order to create a masterpiece, we need to be clear that there is no definite end to our quality of work. A true designer will seek for perfections and satisfaction in its design. Each design that he makes must at least maintain the same quality or even better every time it is produced. If we stop to seek for beauty and just to be proud of what we made today, there would not be a place for us tomorrow. The satisfaction for designers is in their design and perhaps the climax would be when their design or illustration is turned into a reality. Neither money nor pride could replace one's satisfaction in creating work of art. Aiming for money or pride will eventually swallow oneself in the end.

Existing Photo
Sketch illustration
Final illustration

Existing Photo
Sketch illustration
Final Illustration RGP have an innovative approach to architectural design. We have no dogma, no standard answers and we are spirited and fun to work with.


zeniamai said...

The rendering looks almost photo realistic... Adjusting the lighting and improving the shadows will really make your rendering even more photo realistic... The entourage and the compositing is really good.. :)


Thanks bro for your comment. I will try to improve the lighting and shadow in future.