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Wednesday, 27 May 2009


First draftFinal Render

First draft
Final Render

More often than not, I've been asked to do simple facade design. Under my director's supervision I had developed a skill of knowing what to expect. Familiarised with the firm design approach and "style".

Nevertheless, like most designers we tend to push the boundary further. We would not easily mould into certain monotonous work. Like many other young designers, we love the adventure of new design and the process that goes with it.

During this exercise, I was asked to re-use typical retail design facade constructed on other site. However, due to the uniqueness of the corner entrance (not like central entrance in typical design), I took the opportunity to give a little bit extra look on the front.

I've learnt that cost control in this tight budget building is crucial, therefore any suggestion to "push the boundary" is taken with extra thought. Despite such worriness in mind, we as designers need to be "brave" to venture into new set of design territory. During this exploration, one must not get carried away.

In the end, this "out of box" exercise for the typical design gets the clients' approvals. I must always bear in mind, "no single project is identical" thus could prevent us from self-plagiarism and deliver to client a fresh thought. Remember, although some creative design may not be first acknowledged, it has won your freedom!


~LaDy NuHa~ said...

bro, dah balik sni ke, kat sana lagi nih?

Rozie said...

baru ada time nak visit blog jalakmas after a while, i truly agree with ur catatan in there...keep the good work..u r an asset to rpg, hope they realiase that.

i rememberd masa kerje, faced with the same dilemma,doing repetitions and budgetary constraints..and i didn't fight back but just went with the the end, i gave up and lost interest altogether., paklan, keep fighting for your freedom.

salam paklan,

rufi said...

cun rendering ko nih skp Vray ker?