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Thursday, 5 April 2007

DESIGN THESIS Bachelor 03-04

Today, I was browsing through all the CDs that contain the works that I did for my Design Thesis. I felt funny and at the same time amazed with my own work. Funny because the technology back then was way behind the widget and gadget that we have today; the software was not that friendly, computer was huge but slow. I’m amazed because I didn’t know how could I had prepared those works with all the limited resources and tools (thanks to my beloved wife-cum-multimedia person). This post is generally published to document the works that had been done during that period of time. It might seem a little outdated but if you don’t learn to appreciate your previous works, how would you enjoy future’s ideas

"if you don’t learn to appreciate your previous works, how would you
enjoy future’s ideas"

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LaDy D said...

i still remember those days when i was being enslaved to work on ur thesis. now, it's pay bck time!