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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

getting new broadband

Today I'm getting new broadband from Virgin media. It was previously owned by NTL but being taken over by the famous knighted millionaire of the Virgin (I guest it would not be "virgin (dara)" anymore). I used to share the internet connection with one of the housemates using the network router, but due to their moving to a different place, I no longer have the access to the line. I already requested the line to be installed last week but it was fully booked during last week’s easter holiday.

Azhan is already missing his brother and mum back in Malaysia. I’m sure there’s a zillion of stories that Azhan would want to share with his brother and mama during the period of no internet access period. As for me, apart of being disconected from wife I was not able to update my blog since then.

Anyway, I manage to get it installeed today. My very own broadband in UK. I will need to terminate the TM net broadband in Malaysia soon after my wife move here in July. It already cost double to access the net. Nothing is free these days...maybe someday we will even need to pay to breathe the fresh air!!

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