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Thursday, 11 September 2008


01 June 2007
This post is a little back-dated in comparison to the completion of this job

1. The project is a clear example of a building that evolves to response to its surrounding.

2. The corner of the retail was previously where the external garden centre sat. They intend to extend the retail parks up to the edge of the site perimeter. Hence, the garden centre would have to go.

The Site Plan

3. This new extension is hoped to attract more customers.

4. To realise the hope of drawing more customers, the new extension would need a new landmark sign for the site.

5. The landmark would also serve as an entrance to the retail park for the pedestrians.
6. A few sketches were made to study the pedestrian flow towards the retail park and the amount of visual appearance of the landmark from vehicular traffic.

7. This juxtaposition of both elements (vehicle and pedestrian) creates a certain degree of angle to locate the best position for the landmark.

8. Later, a few version of detail façade treatment was sketched. It should have taken a few bits and pieces of design elements from its existing building.

9. The gable roof form on the façade was being transformed into a semi-translucence (could be polycarbonate) pyramid.

10. When the design detail was finalised, we then need to look at different aspects of signage position, size and types for potential tenants.

11. The signage should be flexible enough to cater different types of layout.

12. Bear in mind that signage is an important aspect in any retail development.

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4 RGP have an innovative approach to architectural design. We have no dogma, no standard answers and we are spirited and fun to work with.

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