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Friday, 14 September 2007


I got an email from one of the directors at my office. A memo to inform me that they've finally located my car! Yes my new elegent Saab93 with my nick name on it FAZ 873 (my nick in UK). An unknown photographer had captured my car during my travel in Europe. I was on my way back from a ski trip (can you see the snow on top of the mountains). I always display the humble side of me, a low profile kind of personality so that it would not be a competition to the directors. Well I've tried my best, but they've finally spotted me.

Funny though cause none of above is true (but I would like it to be true). It was just a coincidence that they saw a poster in some site hording featuring a car with my nick on the plate number. What a lucky picture! The reality is that I don't own a luxury car; not even any kind of car in UK, I walk to the office, use public transport to town and rent a car for travelling.

Talking about lucky picture I try to find the meaning for the plate number which is 873. Could it be a lucky number? It might sound superstitious but there are certain cultures that believe in lucky numbers. I do have my own lucky number which has a great meaning in chinese culture. But as a muslim, I don't depend my fate on numbers but only in God. However I still use the lucky number for a certain reason..for a good blessing. It's like your name which has certain meaning, and by having that meaning when people always call your name it will be a blessing from others to you.

So, driven by curiosity I try to find out what is the meaning of the number in chinese culture. Basically it means:

The word for 8 in Chinese (Pinyin: bā) sounds similar to the word which means "fortune", "prosper"

The number 7 often considered divine in Chinese astrology. It also symbolizes "togetherness".

The number 3 is considered a good number because of its association with San Cai, a collective term for heaven, earth and human. In buddhism it is associated with triple states of past/present/future

Therefore 873 would mean PROSPER TOGETHER FOREVER . I guess...I should try to ask my chinese friends about its true meaning but I'm still waiting for an answer. Anyone?

Anyway, although it was just a joke for the day, I do appreciate the trouble my collegue had gone through to snap a picture and email to me. Next time I do hope it's going to be for real!


Irdzra said...

lol..i will come true one day insyallah.. :)

Anonymous said...

I think the 8 is more associated with the cantonese people more than the mandarin language, because in cantonese the number 8 sounds like prosper(cantonese) rather than prosper in mandarin.

pretty much like DimSum, Dim Sum is a cantonese delicacy, there are thousands of chinese tribes in China, the cantonse is one of the many thousands.



thanks. really appreciate the effort of explaining the meaning of the numbers. it was just out of my curiosity.
in the midst of replying you guys' comments, the tv advertisement of the car with MY NICK on it; FAZ 873 is aired. what a coincidence!