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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

QUEENSFERRY- schematic retail park process

This is an example of schematic design for possible sub-division layout of an existing retail park which is designed using a consistent colour code to represent each retail units; a simple design process with high practicality in mind.

The existing layout is indicated by single colour. It helps to show the actual volume of the area.
The first proposal is to maximise subdivison of the building and ensure its maximum usage. Service lane is provided to serve each units.
An inner service corridor is proposed. This will serve the unit better without having the difficulty to drive thru a narrow service lane. It will also reduce the number of service roller shutter. However it will slightly reduce the unit size. The area losses though could be added on the mezzanine.
This option is to give the best possibility in terms of the practical units width. The previous proposal had a narrow width units which is not too practical and would end up vacant. This however reduces the numbers of retail units but increases the area of each units with a more practical width.
This option is a reflection of the first proposal which has a service lane at the back of each unit. With this option, the width of the proposed retail units remains.

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