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Tuesday, 14 August 2007


This is an update of the work, which I had posted before in this blog. However the development here is more detailed, along with the production of construction drawing. As the CAD drawing goes further, it reveals the more detail aspects of the buildings. Thus by updating the existing simple 3d modelling massing that I had done before and newly added construction detail, the building may be enhanced.

Detail by: Paul Wilkinson

Unfortunately I did not organise the modelling in a correct manner, which makes amendments difficult. I plan to start a new file management on my work. I'll try to reorganise it to suit changes of the design process. In order to experiment this I need to re-start the modelling from almost 85% of the original file. However, by using the design management skills it'll soon take me only 1/3 of the times from the original process. It will soon be less than that if more changes are needed in the future. It teaches me how different softwares had different ways of making it more efficient and producing highest performance of all. Know and master your tools very well and they will in a way work for and with you to make the job done.

Even though it was just a simple building, Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's motto "Less is more" speaks for the rest of the design (be caution and avoid failure on The Farnsworth House though) . A detail understanding of the construction details is essential and also really important to reflect the aestheticity. Without this, the client won't be able to visualise the beauty of the building beyond the simple building shapes. Beauty of the building lies on its detail.

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