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Wednesday, 5 December 2007


This SECOND OPTION of the development is finally selected by the planner as the ideal design for their area. The client also agrees with this solution despite their worries on bursting the development budget.

The solution with the curved roof is adventurous for everyone. Mr. Bryne who initially drafted the design didn't expect it to be chosen. At the early stage, we did not spend much time on this option. We only provided an elevation option without any 3d visual aids. Even though the FIRST OPTION was highlighted and emphasised with 3d visual aids, these couldn't veil the uniqueness and exclusiveness that the second option could offer.

The client then decided to proceed with this curved roof solution and assigned their own affiliate to carry out the visual works. Their affiliate is a team of 3d professionals that possess a wide experience in their field. However when the visual returned to us as the appointed designer, we found that they didn't read the plan accurately. To make things even worse, the contour and levels of the actual survey drawing were not of accurate model. It turned out that my sketch_up post-edited visual is more desirable than theirs. This somehow proved that some non-architectural visualisers do not have a good understanding of architectural drawing especially during the schematic design. Usually these non-architectural background visualisers would ask more information to help them visual the design better.

Feeling unsatisfied with the outcome of the visualiser's work, the client turns back to me to resume the task. Although I do hope that the external visualiser would continue their work (so that I could do other technical work), I would personally love to see the curved roof design being develop by myself. This simple, elegant and sexy curve was not as easy to model as it looks. Furthermore, I need to create the context of the development based on the survey. It was quite tricky as well since the site was not entirely flat. On top of it all, my excitement on developing this site is to put new rendering technique into action. This is the result...

The aerial view

Perspective 1Perspective 2

Perspective 3

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