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Friday, 18 May 2007

Design in Mind

image: sketch from Kota Bharu Urban revitalization

Do we really know the true/exact meaning of our own words?

MIND. The Oxford dictionary defines it as the faculty of consciousness and thought or a person’s intellect or memory or WIKIPEDIA refers to the collective aspects of intellect and consciousness which are manifest in some combination of thought, perception, emotion, will and imagination

And the DESIGN ? The design is all in my mind. Its ORIGIN from Latin designare ‘mark out, designate’. Or might be like Betty Davis quotes (The Lonely Life, 1962US movie actress (1908 - 1989)-

To fulfill a dream, to be allowed to sweat over lonely labor, to be
given the chance to create, is the meat and potatoes of life. The money is the gravy. As everyone else, I love to dunk my crust in it. But alone, it is not a diet designed to keep body and soul together.

DESIGN+MIND = map of my mind is like a drawing produced to expend imagination and mark out the path to keep creativity together. Together it flourishes like the blossom of the brain.
This is a Blossom of the Brain
This is a Blossom of the Brain—
A small—italic Seed
Lodged by Design or Happening
The Spirit fructified—

Shy as the Wind of his Chambers
Swift as a Freshet's Tongue
So of the Flower of the Soul
Its process is unknown.

When it is found, a few rejoice
The Wise convey it Home
Carefully cherishing the spot
If other Flower become.

When it is lost, that Day shall be
The Funeral of God,
Upon his Breast, a closing Soul
The Flower of our Lord.

Emily Dickinson(1830-1886)

Notes : 19 May 2007
Expand a bit futher based on a good comment by "yu".
a definition from Kamus Inggeris - Melayu Dewan Bahasa

Mind = 5. person’s way of thinking, mentality, pemikiran: an analytical ~, fikiran yg analitis; an activity that appeals to the artistic ~, kegiatan yg menambat fikiran yg kreatif; 6. intention, inclination, hasrat; 7. mental faculty as opposed to physical, fikiran, minda

And from the Kamus Dewan itself

Minda = akal fikiran, daya berfikir: ~ yg disuburkan dgn ilmu pengetahuan yg banyak, akan menjadi alat yg tajam utk mengatasi berbagai-bagai masalah dan mengilhamkan pemikiran baru; kita kurang menggunakan ~ utk berfikir.
"Design is map of mind.A thought of mind is a give of 'Hilm'(arabic) or 'Ilham'(malay) which is from Allah s.w.t "yu.

a map of my mind = ilhamku

Which ilham in Malays means 1. petunjuk drpd Tuhan (terbit di hati), gerak hati or . 2. sesuatu yg menggerakkan hati atau menimbulkan daya cipta dsb utk menghasilkan atau mencapai sesuatu.

Alhamdulillah, may Allah bless me with all the friends like "yu" which opens mind and hearts to keep me remember the correct path. May god bless you. Amin


yu said...

Design is map of mind.A thought of mind is a give of 'Hilm'(arabic) or 'Ilham'(malay) which is from Allah s.w.t


Alhamdulillah, well said yu.Thanks very much. I'll will remember that. Really hope you could always be giving such a critical thought and comment- a message from Allah s.w.t is given thru someone that you didn't expected.