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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Experimental RENDERING 2

3rd rendering
4th rendering
5th rendering

It' getting better I guess, but still a lot of function need to be tested. To my previous client this will be great news. This is just a raw rendering, wait till it being finalized and having touched-up with my personal touch. That will make it a very unique rendering version.
I've once heard a word from a great visual artist, "no matter how advance the rendering software would be develops, and there will always a personal artistic touch will justify the beauty. No machine would able to understand the beauty from man’s eyes".


harris nasril said...

wow nice rendering. keep experimenting with vray coz you will only get the right material when you tweaking your scene or materials! i have one great tips to make nice exterior rendering:
make sure your glass reflection is high ( greenish-glossy- less transparent) and remember to put the surrounding environment map eg : skies.


Still experimenting, thanks for the advice. Just for self-satisfaction...take breaks from those old times freelance.

Thnaks for visiting and sharing