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Saturday, 5 May 2007

Institute of Early Years Development (IEYD) - logo design

THE DESIGN PROCESS, 6th January 2006
Pleminary studies on various logo subjects
First development

The institute name composition studies

Colour option studies

The final artwork
The new logo image was initially generated from the direct use of the acronym of the institute, IEYD. These letters were then creatively illustrated to create unique formation of the acronym to represent the development of children's mind.
The logo resembles the formation of a child and its brain.
Our unique illustration of the institute's acronym has indirectly created a few optical illusion images such as images of a man, brain, leave, fish, spectacles and other images that may differ according to their perceptions and interpretations.
The illustration of this logo which was initiated from
direct interpretation of the institute's acronym could then be translated into a complex definitions.

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