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Friday, 13 July 2007


FADZIL-ko buat blog mcm paklan laa...aku nak nengok gak keja2 ko.. please...please... (aku pon heran...MANA PAKLAN DAPAT SPARE TIME BUAT DIARY KAT BLOG DIA TUHHH???) cozSHYREEFA

First of all alhamdulillah; thank you God for this opportunity. I really hope my dear friends could spend sometimes creating and updating their own blogs (if they love to write) or anything of their interest. The news about a friends and his/her family is more important than gossips. The reason why I started bogging can be found at this link

This time I want to share my secrets on how do I get spare time apart from the busy life in architecture firm. Here are some of the secret ingredients:-

1. Cut travelling time
I used to travel 1 hour to the office from the place that I lived before. Now, having to rent a room near the office had given me the extra time by reducing the hours of travelling back and forth to work. Unfortunately, not everyone has this privilege. Back in the university, I used to travel 1.5 hours to my design studio from home and took another 1 hour to my part-time office and still had little spare time. I took the travelling time to think and resolve the problems I was facing. It was quite relaxing to think and find solution when I was out of the office or studio. It felt like taking a walk in the park. By the time you are in the studio or office the next thing that you need to do is just work!

2. Get to work on time -
I've learnt a lot about the importance of time. Not regret it. Get to the office on time means to start the journey on a reasonable time. The word reasonable is to make sure you are moving in relax mode so that we can think about what we are going to plan for the day. If you’re driving at 150 km/hr, under the rushing gear; I suggest that you put in 110% concentration on the road.

3. Plan your work
Remember the old schooldays when we were young? Our mother used to prepare the clothes on the night before, making sure the books are all placed in the bag, the shoes are all ready with matching school socks. Similarly, we need to plan ahead of what we want to achieve in the day, and prepare the things that we need to bring earlier. This will help you to think ahead of schedule and reduce time finding where the other side of the socks’ pair.

4. Concentration
This is the most crucial moment in work. After we had planned what we need to do, we need to fully concentrate on the work. Full concentration at work will help you meet your target for the day.

It’s also a good practice to avoid music during this period of time. This may sound weird for creative people like us, but believe me it works. We actually need the music if we need to think and find inspiration or idea for a solution. Usually, the need for music is a sign that you aren't ready to concentrate on your work.

5. Get back in time
If you plan your work properly you’ll be able to leave work and head home on time. There will be no more staying late in the office. People used to think that staying late at night in the office is a sign of being a good worker, (Japanese attitude) but actually an inefficient worker (to the western world). We may stay if there really is an urgency to do so, (usually we as 'kuli' couldn’t avoid unplanned schedule made by the client) but we must bear in mind that we need the rest of time to spare for our own life and interest.

6. Money ain’t everything
This is also related to give you more time. I've learnt from my own experience that financial problem will make us think more about making extra income. I used to do freelance work day and night to fulfil the need of the family and not to mention being the eldest in the family I have more responsibilities and expectations to fulfil. Yet it is better to spend time making extra income rather than staying back in the same office for the same salary at the end of the month. But make sure the extra time spent is worthwhile.

7. Don't bring home your work
This will spoil your time. Unless it is really necessary. But this will prove that you are not efficient at all.

8. Spent quality time for family and friends
Most of us just sit and watch television without talking to each other, or just hang out with friends by watching another TV program in “mamak” stall. I don’t mean that we need to avoid such activities but if we need more time, we should spend some quality time with them. Plan an event or activity to do together. I used to follow friends for fishing (eventhough I’m not a big fan of the activity) but I joined in just get to know my friend better and learn fishing but I do get some peaceful time while waiting for the fish to make the biggest decision in its life!

9. Get some good rest
We need to rest in order to recharge our mind and energy to complete the challenge of the next day at work. If not, we will feel sleepy and tired. Our eyes may seem to be wide awake but our mind is still sleeping. This will drag more time on making decision at works which then result in not meeting the task target. I sometimes sleep late only when the following day is a holiday or weekend.
"The brain uses sleep time to process the day's experiences. Also, creativity works during sleep time. The brain compensates for inadequate sleep with shorter attention span, lowered creativity, reduced memory capacity, more rigid viewpoints, and irritability"

In conclusion, the busiest among us can find time for ourselves between chores and appointments. I've recently read a great blog of my SIFU who is a much busier person. And I hope I could read more from my friends sooner or later.
"If you don't have the time to read, you don't have the time or the
tools to write".
Stephen King, On Writing, p. 147US horror novelist & screenwriter (1947 - )

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good article pak lan.I hope I can have enough time to prepare all my work and my blog( .

Skrang nie dah ada baby( , tu yg kekadang asyik rindu aje kat anak.:D


thanks dakmatt, just my own opinion based on my own experience and observation. Maybe different with another. Just hope to it would benefit others.

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