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Friday, 27 July 2007

NEW HALL HEY - phase 2

The first entry on this development is done earlier with basic 3d modelling. This is another stage of development on this job.

During that time Dave, who is the architect in-charge was away for summer holiday; spending his time on a boat near Mediterranean. Despite the nice and sunny beaches, back here in the UK the work still needs to move on especially when the project has already received clients' feedback and comments. So, without Dave around I was the only available to complete the job.

What did I learn (thanks to my other colleagues for their advices and guides) :

1. The loading and unloading area gradiant ramp

2. The standard leisure ceiling height

3. The standard food outlet ceilling height

4. The beam zone reserved

5. The ceilling zone reserved

6. Solution for different level for a central core

7. To standardized cladding panel and glazing

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