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Tuesday, 12 February 2008


on 9 February 2008
I'm neither Jimi Hendrix nor Man Kidal. I've always been music illiterate. I still remember how much I hate to memorise the chord for an instrument as simple as the recorder.

However, that doesn't stop me from appreciating songs and music. I've never have the time to grab a guitar during the years of studies cause I thought that it was just a complete waste of time (no examination on the subject). However my inner art sense is eager to know how to create my own melody.

I've never thought this day would come. A gift from my wife who knows the kind of life that I've been thru, wanted me to grab back that lost opportunity that I'd sacrificed.

To my amazement, the sound that I hear from this proper electric guitar was "fantastic". It is a totally different experience from my classical out of tune car-boot guitar that I bought for my first practice. I know all this while that the ability to play an instrument would help to generate better synchronize mind.

Now it would trigger my design and creativity better.


anakderih said...

Great guitar it is bro, and greater that it is a gift from the loved ones. Start Rockin' Paklan!


yearghhh...start rockin!..(rockin poyo2 dulu, takleh publish lg macam hang)...tunguuuu.

Anonymous said...

1st gitar terus epiphone tu.. mau x sedap bunyinya.. hehe.. nanti blk mesia bley ah join budak2 ni jamming plak.. jd lead guitarist