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Thursday, 14 June 2007


13 June 2007, Wednesday. St. Lukes Primary Hall.

This was a big day for my son, Azhan. It is one of the most historical event of his school days; his artwork is exhibited in his school's exhibition day. The event was held in the school hall with the purpose of collecting Charity fund for the school.

On that day as usual I fetch him at school. When I arrived, he told me " Come here papa, I want to show you" he said. He grabbed my hand and forced me to follow him to the hall. Inside the hall there were many more pupil at his age displaying their masterpiece. From a glance all the paintings are almost alike, maybe because the paintings are on the same theme.

"Papa, azhan painting number 31. Where?" my sons woke me from my mesmerise with his question on his painting location. We need to find it based on the sticker number on his shirt. Finally we came to a front row and on top of the display panel. "there it is!"azhan shouted. And I smiled.

At first, I was kind of disappointed when came to see his drawing with a similar subject like others. "What is that?" I asked him. " It is a flower, ladybird, butterfly and blue sky" he explained. He should draw anything that he likes. I compared his work with others on the same subject of drawing. It was all the same but my son had done it better, he managed to put more solid and vibrant colour and also have a more natural sense of composition." Well done!! very good" I replied with a big smile.He was happy
Then, several teachers approached and commented on his work." That's very good, isn't?" "Brilliant!" said another. " You like to draw those?" "What are those?". They asked more questions than me. Once again I learned from my son.
Then his class teacher came, Mr.Pittam. " Azhan is getting better. He did very well" commenting about my question on his school performance."He did this painting by using his very own finger". I didn't notice that before and that made amazed me more.
The funny thing is was when I have to buy my son's very own painting! It was actually to cover the cost of the frame and a part of the charity. A notice saying, "paintings can be bought for 5 pound each from Ms Kirk in the hall at 3.30 today and tomorrow". 5 pound! i could have bough 5 frames and make the frame on my own. But this is for the school charity, and it's a good practice to teach the young ones the value of helping others. And I bought one!

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