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‘In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. By Time, indeed humanity is in a state of loss. Except those who believe and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of truth and in the mutual teaching of patience’ (Surah al-`Asr, 103:1-3)
"Professional Architect lives almost by faith. When called upon he can do the job without fear or favour. He possesses aspecialized skill and lives by a code of ethics cloaked in honour andintegrity. He is expected to speak his mind and give his views. Whenfaced with absolute wrong, he can resolutely disagree and walk away." quote from THE PROFESSIONAL MAN by Ar Dr Tan Loke Mun PRESIDENT PAM

Friday, 29 June 2007


22th June 1999,

This is my still life pencil sketches done in 1999. It was a sketch of an ordinary traveller beg of mine which I bought after getting my SPM result. Nevertheless, this sketch marked the day of my endless search for my eternal love. I found someone that I can rest my hearts in heaven. That was the day I came back from the journey to find peace in my mind; to make a big step in my life. To be in LOVE.

On the bottom end of the sketch it said "akhirnya perantauan/pencarianku selama ini berakhir..." means "at last I've finally found what I've been looking for in my long journey"

Actually it was just the end for searching, but the beginning
of new life... a new chapter in my lifetime.

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