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‘In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. By Time, indeed humanity is in a state of loss. Except those who believe and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of truth and in the mutual teaching of patience’ (Surah al-`Asr, 103:1-3)
"Professional Architect lives almost by faith. When called upon he can do the job without fear or favour. He possesses aspecialized skill and lives by a code of ethics cloaked in honour andintegrity. He is expected to speak his mind and give his views. Whenfaced with absolute wrong, he can resolutely disagree and walk away." quote from THE PROFESSIONAL MAN by Ar Dr Tan Loke Mun PRESIDENT PAM

Saturday, 23 June 2007


During the time digging the old works of mine, I found a scan newspaper advertisement that I purposely edit to describe my overload work in former office.

It’s not solely the firm's fault but a reality for most architectural firm. Work till late, overtime; take more time, extension of time and etc. Seems like 24 hours a day is not enough. To make it worst I did a few more freelance works that I really need to support all the liability that I have (trust me you don't want to be the eldest son in the family!). Not to blame on it because I am grateful to serve others.
But there are times in life something happens and pops out of your mind to think. The time have come when my son going to start his school life. I need to slowdown the time and sit back to enjoy reading bedtime story for my son, Azhan.

Back then, I do understand that I am Workaholic person. But I had no choice because the responsibility is on my shoulder. However since I'm here in small village of Bury, I do get the therapy on reducing my workaholic and have more passion on my life. My son and I walking together down the park to the school. Devoted time wisely and enjoy every moment in time with my son and soon family again.

A few attempts from me tried to get back on working extra job. Yet, is has no result. I guess it has been written by God that I should take this time to think and be passionate in everything that I do. Getting to know myself is the biggest project in my life.

Colloquially, a workaholic is a person who is addicted to work. There is no generally accepted medical definition of such a condition, although some forms of stress and obsessive-compulsive disorder can be work-related. Although the term "workaholic" usually has a negative connotation, it is sometimes used by people wishing to express their devotion to one's career in positive terms. The "work" in question is usually associated with a paying job, but it may also refer to independent pursuits such as sports, music, art, or blogging.

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